High Variety and Small Volume Production System.

Our Up-to-date Plants Provide the Original and Unparalleled Products.
Yokkaichi Chemical has developed its original production system not only for high volume production of general-purpose products but also for small volume production of high-variety products. Thus, a great variety of our production equipment can flexibly adjust themselves to various production volumes from one metric ton to thousands a year. Furthermore, for higher function and grade, our plants are refurbished with centralized control system, distillers, neutralizers and refiners, flakers and filters to meet various needs of fine chemical customers.

Our Strong Production Technologies

Alkylene Oxide Addition(Ethylene Oxide, Propylene Oxide and Butylene Oxide)
By adding alkylene oxide to various alcohols, amines, and phenols, we can improve solubility (impart water affinity) and in other ways design the optimal added moles to achieve the desired performance.
Glycidyl Etherification
By adding epichlorohydrin to various alcohols, amines, and phenols, to create an epoxy base, we can synthesize compounds that provide a variety of functions.
Quarternary Ammonium Reaction
By adding epichlorohydrin, haloalkane, or alkylene oxide on various amines, we can synthesize various compounds such as ammonium cation organo alkali.
Haloalkane can be added to phenols to create ether.
Acrylic Esterification
(Meta) Acrylic acid can be added to glycidyl ether and other compounds with an epoxy base to create synthetic monomers.
Adding olephin or styrene to a aromatic compound can be done to create various alkyl (aryl) phenols.

Main Production Equipments

We have a variety of production equipments and with the combination of these equipments, we have been producing many kinds of fine chemicals.

Batch Reactors
  • SUS Reactor
  • GL Reactor
  • 15 Units
  •   6 Units
Batch Distillation Column
4 Units
Continuous SUS Reactors
2 Series
Continuous Distillers
3 Series


Size(L) Material Stirring Temp(centigrade)
Pressure range
20,000 SUS316L Turbine 10~250 -0.1~0.6
12,300 SUS316L Turbine 10~200 -0.1~0.5
10,000 SUS316L Turbine 10~250 -0.1~0.6
4,500 SUS316L Turbine 10~200 -0.1~0.5
2,400 SUS316L Paddle 10~150 Normal pressure
1,000 SUS316L Anchor 10~250 -0.1~0.7
20,000 GL Faudler 10~180 -0.1~0.3
10,000 GL Faudler 10~180 -0.1~0.3
10,000 GL Faudler 10~180 -0.1~0.3
10,000 GL Faudler 10~180 -0.1~0.3
3,500 GL Faudler 10~180 -0.1~0.5
2,000 GL Faudler 10~200 -0.1~0.5
1,000 GL Faudler 10~200 -0.1~0.5