About Cosmetic

The cosmetic raw materials produced by Yokkaichi Chemical Company include phenoxyethanol, polyglycerin, selachyl alcohol, sterile glycidyl ether, and cetyl glycidyl ether.

Features and application of Cosmetic

Phenoxyethanol is widely known as an antibacterial agent and has been used widely in cosmetics and haircare products. 

Polyglyceryl contains numerous hydroxyl groups. Using a fatty acid for the esterification of these hydroxyl groups provides a highly stable emulsifier. 

And the compound substance gained by adding alkylene oxide is used as a base material for cosmetics. 

Selachyl alcohol, also known as glyceryl monoleyl ether, is an alcohol with a long-chain alkyl group (oleoyl) and two hydroxyl groups, and is used as a moisturizer. 

Sterile glycidyl ether and cetyl glycidyl ether are compounds manufactured using our glycidyl etherification technology and has been used as the raw material for alkyl glycidyl ether. 


Product name

Phenoxyethanol-S, Phenoxyethanol-SP 

Chemical name Phenoxyethanol
Applications Preservative agent
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Product name


Chemical name Polyglycerin
Applications hydrophilic base
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MW : -

Product name


Chemical name Cetyl glycidyl ether
Applications Reactive raw material
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Product name


Chemical name Stearyl glycidyl ether
Applications Reactive raw material
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Product name


Chemical name Seraquil alcohol
Applications Cosmetic raw materials
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