About Surfactant

The surface active agent raw materials produced by Yokkaichi Chemical Company include nonylphenol, distyrenated Phenol, and isethionic acid soda.

Features and application of Surfactant

Nonylphenol and distyrenated phenol are alkyl phenols manufactured using our alkylization technology. These products are the base material for non-ion surface-active agents. 

Isethionic acid soda is a compound whose molecule contains an OH group and an S03Na group. This compound works to activate the functions of surface-active agents, etc., by causing reactions with other compounds.


Product name


Chemical name Nonylphenol
Applications Non-ion surface-active agent, Lubricant raw material additive, Stabilizer raw material, Phenol resin modifier
Product Information

MW : 220.4

Product name


Chemical name Dinonylphenol
Applications Non-ion surface-active agent, Stabilizer raw material, Petroleum resin additive
Product Information

MW : 346.6

Product name


Chemical name Di-styrenated phenol
Applications Non-ion surface-active agent、Stabilizer raw material、Petroleum resin additive
Product Information

(n=1-3mono, di, tri compound)

Product name

Sodium isethionate 

Chemical name Sodium isethionate
Applications Surfactant
Product Information

MW : 148